Rolling Stone magazine · harley quinn should appear in the new trilogy of Batman, and Robert Pattinson


Matt Reeves to create a new version of the character, according to the website We Got This Covered

“Matt, He wants to introduce harley quinn in the universe of the new trilogy Batmanaccording to the web site We Got This Covered. However, the director is to create a new version of the character, which is not to be interpreted as Margot Robbie.

The information has been provided by the same source, which was confirmed by the production of Aladdin the Disney and the paper is beautiful John Cena in Fast and the Furious 9 the web-site.

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Apparently, it is the DC Comics don’t try to add all the different worlds presented in the movie theaters, and will work closely with the people in the Photo on the franchise of the cinema hand in hand.

At the moment, the studio is the sequel to the story Zack Snyder with Wonder Woman 1984 who is coming out on the 4th of June, and the universe James ‘ Gunnot the one just released The birds-of-Prey: Harley quinn, and her Emancipation is Fantabulosa the reboot of the The Squadron’s Suicide scheduled for August 6, 2021.

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In addition to this, Todd Phillips you have created a whole new world to the side of the Joaquin Phoenix in The joker and it has been proved that the narratives are parallel, can be excellent alternatives to bring the two statues in the Oscar 2020.

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The Batman it hits theaters June 25, 2021.