Rolling Stone magazine · the Quentin Tarantino reveals the future of the character of Leonardo DiCaprio after the end of the once upon A Time… In Hollywood: ‘it Was a big thing’


The director has described in detail the history of the Terror of the Lord, in the film industry at the very end of the film

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Quentin Tarantino has unveiled what will be the future of the Rick, For Examplecharacter played by Leonardo DiCaprio at the very end of the Once Upon A Time In… Hollywood. In an interview with the The Wrap the director has described in detail the life and career of the actor in the motion picture industry.

The world he explains that when exploring the career of the character in the film, the Rick, For Example and Jason Boothas interpreted by the Brad Pitt they began to blend in with the surroundings, and the period of the narrative, and because of this, they almost seem to be a little bit real.

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In addition, the director confessed that she had been so excited when I think of the life of an actor in addition to film, and he told me that after the incident with the hippies, For example the back of the stand in the hollywood-type productions.

Recently, I’ve been wondering, is the career he would have after the movie. And I’m very, very interested in this […] The whole incident with the flame thrower, and the hippies had a lot to play for. No one knows for sure just how big it was exactly, but it was a big thing. And it was important for him to have killed them with the flamethrower, with the object of one of the most popular movie of it. And then it starts to be taken advantage of again.”

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He added: “all Of a sudden, 14 of the handle McCluskey it is appearing more often on the Channel 5 when to Combat the Week and that kind of thing. So, it is offered to him numerous shares of a low-budget, but the studio”.

The director even compared it to the career of your character, the trajectory of the actors, the real and the imagined, the possible, the work which For example would like to run.

“But Rick that is where the John Saxon it was, perhaps, a little bit further than that. So, he’s making a lot of money, and making the very best programs for you. And all of the episodes are built on the back of it […] So, instead of doing Land of the Giants and Bingo, Martinright now , he’s the bad guy in the Mission: Impossibleand this is the episode for her.

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In the end, the director said, “you know, it’s going to be fine”.

Quentin Tarantino it received 10 academy award nominations by 2020 Once upon a time In… Hollywood and this is one of the competitors ‘ favourites to take the statuettes for Best Actor in a Supporting role, with the Pittand Best Original score, I can guarantee to the director at an all-time record in the competition.

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