Rolling Stone magazine · Video, leaked out of the Squad-Suicide 2: Margot Robbie to fight as harley quinn


The footage, posted on Twitter, the mysterious character played by Idris Elba

Last Wednesday, the 12th, there were leaked the first images of the Squad-Suicide 2. On Wednesday, the 14th, more information of the movie have been announced, with filming for new show Harley quinnof Margot Robbieand the mysterious character of the Idris Elbawork with the other two main characters.

Although short, the video is posted on Twitter, it provides a new outfit Harley quinn as for the mysterious character of the Same and the other two, and that the same is not confirmed officially, it is believed, in the case of Polka-Dot Manas interpreted by the David Dastmalchianand Ratcatcherembodied by the actress Mix) – Melchior.

In the long James Gunn it also did not confirm the role of Samebut it is assumed that the actor interprets it, Be vigilantin the film, will be the character Online within the prison.

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In spite of the The birds-of-Preyled by To know the role of the Harley quinnnot have been a success in the box office, it is likely that the Squad-Suicide 2 the reach program – and one of the reasons why it is James Gunn. The director made two movies of the Guardians of the Galaxyboth hits for the Marvel comics.

Squad-Suicide 2 it has a debut scheduled for August 6, 2021.


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