Rolling Stone magazine, The Spider-Man and Tom Holland netted for Disney?


Tom Holland he is responsible for the paper, which was the beginning of a series of films for the Spider-Man in the The universe, Cinematic, Marvel (MCU). How to take it new in the long, you will be the hero made a positive difference to the Disney?

The first ground of this character, Spider-man: The Return Home (2017), the company invested$ 175 million budget and it earned at the box office of US$ 880 million. In the following, Spider-man: Far from Home (2019), has spent$ 160 million, but that amounted to more than US$ 1 billion at the box office.

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In the analysis of the numbers, and the Deadline he presented the first of a long was for a profit of$ 339 million, and the second one had a net income of US$ 200 million.

The higher the profits of the film went to the Sonyas she and the Disney it still had the original agreement. Even so, the studio of the Walt Disney co. received a portion of the giant of the proceeds, after all, we talk about millions and even a billion.

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Under a new agreement with a third party the film’s hero, played by Tom Hollandthe production will pay off even more for both of them. The film should arrive in theaters on July 16, 2021.


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