Ryan Reynolds is negotiating to star in the live-action movie based on a video game


Dragon's Lair
Dragon’s Lair, games, Nintendo entertainment system (Disclosure of information)

Ryan Reynolds it is negotiating to produce and star in an adaptation of a live-action series of the game, the video games of the ‘ 80s, Dragon’s Lair, on to the Series. The actor spoke to the giant of the streaming-to-your producer, your Maximum Effort, you are at the front of the project, along with other well-known companies, according to the Hollywood Reporter.

The script would read the post by Dan and Kevin Hageman, who wrote the history of Lego, and Scary Stories to tell in the dark. Reynolds is live, Dirk, the hero tries to rescue the fair princess Daphne from the clutches of the dragon Singe and the wizard Mordroc. This, curiously, would be the third film of the actor which has to do with the games starting Pokemon: a Detective Score, and a Free Position, scheduled for release in the middle of the year, and the third of his association with the Series. There he is in the Squad of 6, and has a Red Notice, which has been paralyzed as a result of the coronavirus.

Dragon’s Lair was originally released for the arcades in 1983 by Cinematronics. The game is using the technology, the laserdisc, and it offered superior graphics and animation quality of the movie, from Don Bluth Studios.

The actor, who is preparing to live in the third adventure of Deadpool in the movie theaters, made a joke involving his character, the more unpopular a few days ago. This is the Hal Jordan of the Green Lantern corps. “P*ta m** * * * from you, I’m not good at rhymes or being the Green Lantern/ In brightest day/ In blackest night/ No threat which is left shall escape my sight/ those Who doubt the power of the COVID/ be Careful with my hands: soap and Water/ Happy day-the St.But, he said, when you share a picture of your character. At the time of its release, the film was widely panned by the tech that he created for the clothing of the character in the story was made up for in energy. At a cost of us $ 200 million, the film raked in 200 million in all over the world.

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