Ryan Reynolds, tease Laura, at the conclusion of the three years in the Logan


Tothe last movie The Wolverine the Hugh JackmanI celebrated three years of its launch in the final 2, and Ryan Reynolds do not lost a chance to make fun of the movie. In a post on the Instagramthe actor made a reference to the symbol of the each year on the anniversary, saying, “I don’t believe that it has been 3 years since Him. The 3rd anniversary is wood, right? The image of Wolverine shows up with a wooden stake going through his body, and at the end of life:

In spite of the work to the wall, the symbol of the anniversary of the 3-year-old is not a wood, but a piece of leather. The wood represents the conclusion of 5 years.

To it came to the cinemas on march 2017, and had a The US$ 616-million the world, as well as many positive reviews as by the tone that is different from the other products of super-heroes please read our critique. The film was the first feature film for the hero, recognized by the Oscar in the category of Best Adapted Screenplay.

To it is available as physical media and digital media.

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