Ryan Reynolds to return as Green Lantern? The official image is revealed and it shocked the fans


The artist Andy Poon, DC, has surprised the fans with a new concept art of the Green Lantern corps. The one that is most interesting about this is that Ryan Reynolds, has been used for the image.

As fans know, the actor, before the living Deadpool was the main character of the controversial film, 2011’s Green Lantern, which is extremely criticized. For this reason, the image is amazing.

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The concept art is from the series the Legends of Tomorrow. Ryan Reynolds appears to dress up as Andy Scott, the Green Lantern corps, and the original of the Earth.

Andy Poon has explained the reason for the art. Check it out below.

Ryan Reynolds doesn’t return. In the publication, the illustrator explains that it only used the sun as a model to be able to design the costume for the character because of his sense of humor to it with the Green Lantern corps.

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Andy Poon explained that the artwork was done even in the 1st season of Legends of Tomorrow. However, soon after that, the DC is not left in the series to use the Green Lantern from the original, so the image had never been made.

If it’s Alan Scott, appeared in the television series, Ryan Reynolds is, of course, it wouldn’t be the artist.

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The Legends of Tomorrow, today displays it in the 5th season. Already, Ryan Reynolds, is now dedicated to Marvel comics, where he is working on Deadpool for 3.