Sam, Asghari says that he wants to marry Britney Spears: ‘it is the purpose of a relationship


Britney Spears and Sam, Asghari, if they met on the shoot of the music video for “Slumber Party” in 2016, and destão, living in a relationship in earnest. They have to live together. But it is the wedding going to happen?

The Sam has answered this question in a recent interview with the magazine New!. “I think that’s the purpose of being in a relationship – otherwise, why would you be in a relationship?”, he reflected, and he gave a very positive response.

The fans, however, are a little worried. In the past marriage to Britney didn’t end well. However, in the case of Sam, it seems that everything is ok. He was a singer, even in the most difficult moments, such as when she was admitted to the hospital in a mental health facility upon completion in 2018.

In the same interview, He was asked if toparia to make a reality show of his life with Britney. “Maybe it isn’t. Our social media is a reality tv show,” he said.

Often, they come together by doing physical exercises in the social network, and it is of great importance. “I am training, not for the physical factor, but for your mental well-being. I’m going to the gym in the pursuit of spiritual things, and to trust. I use my own style of life, the physical as well as something to help me with everything – my career, my relationships, everything I do, I do. I have developed confidence, self-discipline, and the academy,” he said.

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