Sandra Bullock, and the partner sleeping in separate beds


Sandra Bullock and her partner for almost five years, Brian, Randall, sleep in beds, and separate bedrooms. According to us magazine, Star, and the actress considers it to be a decision that’s healthy for the relationship.

A source told the tabloid that the star, the Bird, the Box, sleeps a maximum of 21 hours, so we decided to sleep in a separate bed from her boyfriend.

“Go to sleep at night, it’s almost a religion for Sandra,” said the insider. “And the benefits of sleeping separate, have become indispensable to her, in each and every respect in which it has been,” he said.

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The source added that a few years ago Bullock has done away with the parties and get-togethers of the night, because it welcomes sleep and you want to set an example for your children about nine and seven years of age) to sleep early. Already, He is a face at night, who likes to work in her home office until the wee hours of the night.

“It’s a part of life. Sandra, you have a time that is a little bit strange, it is usually fast asleep at 9 o’clock in the evening, and wake up a little earlier in the morning, he was filming or not. She needs to wake up early to make breakfast for children.”

Bullock’s 55-year-old, and He 53, they started to come out in 2015.

With no plans for marriage

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Sandra Bullock has not yet got married with the photographer and the model Bryan Randall, in spite of the information available to them, they would have got married in secret over the past year. The actress has said that you don’t need a document to be in a ‘serious relationship-and a stable’.

The two of you live together for more than two years, and Bryan’s help, the actress, to create her children’s adoptive parents, Louis and Laila, but for the time being, they do not have any plans to get married officially.

“They are like husband and wife. Bryan is the man, that Sally has always wanted at his side, and the two have a great relationship, and it’s not going to change because of a piece of paper,” says a source close to the actress.