See, the series with Jason Momoa, its over The Walking Dead


The Walking Dead has become one of the biggest entertainment products.

After the comic book and the TV series, The Walking Dead is expanding – and it will take you to the same in the film and exploring a new corner of the zombie apocalypse.

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However, there is a TV series that manages to portray a post-apocalyptic world in a way that’s much more compelling. In this series, is to See the Apple TV+, which is led by Jason Momoa.

In the article, with the EMPHASIS pointed out in the 1st season, to See, and explained how it is better than The Walking Dead in some ways.

The ambiance of the See, it is much better than the one that is established in The Walking Dead.

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See if it goes in the Alkenny, the village was led by the Baba Executive (Jason Momoa). In the world of Being, of humanity, has been the victim of a virus that has blinded nearly all of the human beings, who have dropped to a primitive form of life.

The interesting thing to See is, you see, the humans are finding new (and old) forms of hunting, and use medieval weapons to survive.

In addition, the series features a variety of villages and different tribes, some of which are even more mystical. The Walking Dead has an atmosphere and is interesting, but it’s very similar to the one in our world, and that makes it less creative than the one for the palate.

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See, it has villains that are more complicated than The Walking Dead.

In The Walking Dead, the characters are fighting for their survival. In to See him aspire to something bigger and better for themselves.

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The Queen, Having both of the fingers. Jerlaramel you are sacrificing the women in order to get more soldiers, and the best deals. Everything is in See-it’s the most visceral and complex of The Walking Dead.

The main character of the Ess seems to be in a danger greater than that of the main characters of the Walking Dead.

Yes. Rick, Michonne, and Daryl have gone through extreme situations, but none of them compare with the horror that is the Baba Executive living on the palate.

By itself, the warrior must protect the young people in Kofun and Haniwa, which are the young men, but it does not compare to the main character.

See offers a dark world and the unknown. The Walking Dead-in an attempt to bring the heroes to a safe place. There’s nothing bad about it, but it’s fair to say that the concept of the series, the Apple is a lot more interesting.

The ess is available on the Apple TV+.