Selena Gomez the handle of a game and it asks for more than 50 million


Asking for almost no money….

Selena Gomez it is engaged in a process of, let’s say, a value-expressive, she is asking for no less than$ 50 million on account of misuse of his image.

According to the magazine And, Better it is in the process of the company is responsible for the application Decide To Make Love, The Human World – Outlook On The Game.

The company in question Guangzhou Feidong Software Technology Co.,takes users on a virtual tour of the artists, where it’s possible to buy items within the app.

According to Selena, the game is harmful to her and to other celebrities that appear on it such names as Kim Kardashian, Beyonce, Taylor, Swift, among others there are.

In the process, revolve around the accusation that the use of the image, it is to be used without the permission of it.

First of all, please see below for a comparison).

Selena Gomez

Here’s what it says on the case:

“The accused never asked, consulted with, or informed Service regarding the use of any of its rights of publicity in relation to the game. If asked, Service also, would not consent to take part in this game, which is apparently based on a practice disagreeable to attract to its users to make purchases in amounts up to$ 99.99 for the financing of the expenses and the imaginary in the game and unlock the resources.”

Selena Marie Gomez

Selena Marie Gomez she is an actress, composer, entrepreneur, producer, and many other facets of it.

In fact, if she weren’t a singer, or an actress, she is tronaria a chef in the kitchen, so it was as long as we don’t see it on Master Chef.

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In the meantime, she pursued a career, and her songs have appeared among the most played songs of the Tour. In fact, Selena has already sold more than 128 million copies of their albums.

Anyway, here’s more news on the game, with or without process, herein the Infinite Combo.

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