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Apple+ TV, the streaming service from Apple, launched with a few original productions, such as the number Seewith Jason Momoa in the role, as the character of Baba Executive. However, on Wednesday (6), in that a Twitter user has shared a trechinho of the series, showing that it is the one that stole the scene, not the actor without a shirt, or anything of the sort. As a matter of fact, it was a one time event it unusual for a seller of beer advertising for their product.

It turns out that the staff could have been used as a database for the audio source presents: you know when you are in a scene, and a lot of people are talking, just to show you that there are a number of people in a given environment. So. The one who found out that the audio was the user in Case of Twitter). “The show’s medieval Apple-TV – + on the audio in brazil, with the right of a street, selling the Skol brass,” he wrote. In the scene, it all worked out in the thriller and, in addition, it ends up becoming quite funny, with the seller advertising at the bottom, “Skol, here’s the Skol brass!”.

See (and hear!) you:

The series tells a story of a post-apocalyptic time when humanity is struck by a deadly virus, dying at 99% of the population, leaving only two of the millions of survivors in the Land. However, all of these people have been blinded, and so the human beings will remain for centuries. “In the distant future, a virus has decimated humanity. The ones who survived, became blind. Jason Momoa lives on the Baba Executive, is the father of twin sons, born much later, with a mythical ability to see it. With the help of a spiritual leader in Paris (Alfre Woodard), the Baba Executive must protect his tribe against a powerful and desperada queen, both of the twins are destroyed,” says the synopsis of the series.

It is well to remember that See it is available in three different episodes on the Apple TV, and new ones, will premiere on Friday of each week. The streaming service debuted on the last day of the 1st of November, with a seven-day free of charge, for testing purposes, leaving only R$ 9,90 monthly after a period of time. Check out the critique of the Canaltech about the series.

Source: Twitter

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