Show runner reveals what to expect from the second season.


Wiz Khalifa and Hailee Steinfeld at the ‘Dickinson’s’ (Publication)

All of the major productions announced for the new platform for streaming on the Apple TV – + how to See ” and “The Morning Show”, a series of the scope, much less turned out to be one of the most well-received by the critics: Dickinson, starring Hailee Steinfeld. Right now, the show runner account, which will be the focus of season 2.

In a recent interview with The Hollywood Reporter, Alena Smith, has explained that while the first season focused on topics such as the relationship between the author and Emily Dickinson the death – encorporada by rapper Wiz Khalifa – and that, as his career has been affected by the constraints of the patriarchy, in the second year will follow a different path.

In the second year it will be because the majority of his works were not published in life), and because so many of his poems were written in secret she was afraid to face. “Emily herself was in a relationship and very much mixed up with the name. The show’s second season will be about, and how this issue has been present in many of the poems of Emily Dickinson: of fame, on the run from her and throw it out“.

The topic is certainly in line with the proposal for the series, and that is to bring in a modern-day version of his autobiography, incorporating elements of a more feminist and also a sexual. Smith said dealing with fame in the age of gen Y and social media is so important.

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All the people became adults in the era of social media, where everyone has the opportunity to become famous, it’s really interesting to think about that right now anyone who wants to fame as you can get,”. Thinking further into the future, the show runner commented on the possibility of a third season, that would have been achieved in the period of the Civil War.

If and when we get a second season, we would be in a Civil War. We get closer to it [no segundo ano], and we arrive at the gate. In this event, it would be for the series as a sort-of-on the 9th of September, that changes the story forever.”ended. The new episodes still do not have a date for the premiere, but the service is Apple TV+ it is already available in Brazil.

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