Six of the upcoming releases from Disney that you can’t miss it


When we talk about Disney it’s almost impossible not to build expectations for the upcoming releases announced by the studio, isn’t he? It is a comedy, animation or super-hero movie, there’s always the titles that we are counting the days to go running to the theaters check out what’s new. For this reason, we have separated the six movies from Disney that you can’t miss it.

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1 – Mulan

A scene from Mulan

The live-action classic from Disney it will be closer to the original legend. The storyline is going to tell you the story of Hua Mulan (Liu Yifei), the particular daughter of an honoured warrior. When the Emperor of China demands that one man from every family to serve in the imperial army, Mulan decides to take his father’s sick, and it masquerades as a man to fight against the invaders.

Set to be released in July 23,.

2 – The Black Widow

The scene in His Black

One of the films most anticipated by the fans of the MCU, it promises to be a thriller of espionage-filled action. Scarlett Johansson is back as Natasha Romanoff – the Black Widow of vienna, which faced the darkest parts of his profession, when it is in a dangerous conspiracy connected to their past, chased by a relentless force that wants to take it down.

Set to be released in On October 29,.

3 – the Soul

The scene of the Soul

The new, animated Disney/Pixar promises to thrill the audience with the story of Joe Gardner, a music teacher, frustrated that he dreams of playing Jazz in a club in New York city. When he finally gets the job of her dreams, an accident transports him to another reality. In his soul, and he will have to deal with on a grand adventure to try and get back to your life.

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Set to be released in 19.

4 – A Free Re – Take Control

The scene of a Free-to Guy

In the comedy, ” starring Ryan Reynolds, a bank teller and discovers that he is actually a character living in a video game, a brutal and open manner. Thrilled with the news, the man is going to need to learn how to cope with your new reality,” and the struggle to save the world.

Set to be released in December 10,.

5. The Eternal

The Eternal

The other long one for the MCU, there is The perennial, the movie that would go on in the group, which belongs to a breed that is modified genetically by the gods of space known as Heaven. Equipped with features such as immortality and the manipulation of cosmic energy, they are the result of failed experiments, some of whose creators were also responsible for the Deviantes, their main enemy.

Set to be released in On February 11, 2021.

6 – Cruella

Cruella - 2020

The live-action movie starring Emma Stone, promises to address the source of Cruella De Vil, the villain from the franchise of 101 Dalmatians. Focusing on a youth version of the antagonist, the movie will be directed and signed by Craig Gillespie and the screenplay is written by Tony Mcnamara. The official details of the plot have not yet been made public.

Set to be released in 03-June-2021.

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