Tati Westbrook asks for peace after, there’s no such thing, with James and Charles, and announces to break into the YouTube video: “I don’t want you to hate him”


After all, she is now calling for “peace”. After the marriage they moved it to the social networks in the last week, a youtuber Tati Westbrook wants to bring to an end the controversy involving James and Charles. In a new video released on Thursday (16), which is called “Why did I do that”, and she is said to have been surprised by the magnitude that the story took. Quite shaken, she explained the motivation for his reporting, said he is still very fond of the boy, but he’s a break from the videos.

Tati has been abusive to ask people to stop criticizing him in so many ways. “I want the hate to stop, at the choice of the parties, and the lack of abusive language, all of it… and I really hope that both sides will be able to stop. That’s not why I did it in the videoshe cried. Soon after, she approached that this was the way you found to reach out to “someone who had been completely unreachable,” and that, if he could, he would bring her success in all over again and all of their followers back.

“It’s about someone who reaches across all platforms, total of 30 million people, who are mostly children. He’s lost the ability to be more and more honest every day. I’m losing the ability to break your arms.”, explained Westbrook. Soon after, she would still maintain her feelings for the make-up artist: “I don’t hate you, James and Charles. I don’t want you to hate him… it’s painful to watch someone you cared for, being dragged along, and to know that all of this started because of me…. I don’t think anyone deserves this,”.

Tati Westbrook talks about in James and Charles on a new video and says he doesn’t hate you. (Photo: Play/YouTube)

All the love came from, that if you met her, she was a similarity between them. “I love you, James and Charles. I love it from the moment I met him. It was like the one kid unfortunate. That was how I felt for a long time. So, I felt like I needed to help him in any way, as I want to help him, though, because it wasn’t helping. I know that many of you are going to understand it, or think it’s fake, that they’re going to think that he had such a big agenda or anything like that. There is notold Westbrook.

After the big burst, and in order for the people to get light on your “me”, Share the announced their break up, that’s all it is when. “I’m taking a time-out. And need not to be in social media, because it is very unclear to me right now, and I need to figure out what my next step spiritually, and what it means to me, because if it’s all about the money, I don’t want to do it.”said, the empowering.

But this is not the end. Tati has promised that he will return soon… as long as you do this, your desire is for everyone to be kind and gentle with her, and it Was. “Well, then, no, I’m not injured, but James is, as well as to our community and to the general public, and I am praying for all of us to be kind to each other, passing by way of it. I’m going to take a break, and I’m going to come back, I’m going to keep playing around with make-up because it makes me the happiest in the world.”, she assured him. Is that now everything will be all right? Check out the video:

Understand the nature of the case,

On Friday (the 10th), James, Charles, and Tati Westbrook, two of the leaders of the web in the USA has caused in the social networks, involving many of the publis, stories, videos, and grief. Both of them are huge influencers in digital, which works directly with the world of beauty and meet millions of views for their tutorials on make-up. Up to now, the two were great friends, but not anymore… and After a lot of speculation of internet users who perceived a rift between the two BFFs, Share the recorded video of the 43 minute talking about the recent attitudes of the James’s were breaking.

Going back a little bit at a time, in the first grief Share ” and ” it happened on the 22nd of April, when he stories to promote a product, vitamins for hair, however, the brand is the core competition of the company with which Westbrook is the founder. At the time of the post, and the empowering went on to say on his Instagram that he was “me,” and “the lost” and that would have beenused“ but, without naming names. The one that didn’t even have to, because the friend you’ve never promoted your brand, but it is thought that it would be a bad influence to your young audience.

According to Newsweek, later on, the 19-year-old asked for a public apology to her friend about what had happened. “It has been like a mother to me since my earliest days in this industry, and it has given me more love, support, resources, and advice that I could ever ask for. At the end of this week I have done a stories on Instagram for vitamins, sleep, that I’m taking because the brand name has helped me out with a (team of) safety when a huge crowd came to the people around me at Coachella, I was unsure. I have not accepted any money for this post“ he said.

Share ignored the apology and said that James was lying to you about the sponsored post. Then there’s the involvement of a third-party character, and Gabriel Zamora. The youtuber has stated that the influencer would you be having “fraudulent behavior” by promoting yourself at the top of the actions of Charles, which, according to him, there is nothing wrong in that. “All of these videos are meant to show off James, as with this human being, the horrible, and I’m confused as to what happened, “ he said.

It is precisely here that we turn to the new video-of-Tati, (also known as “Bye, sister” (“good-Bye, sister,” in a literal translation). In it, the young woman revealed that she had arranged a number of agreements to roll in for James, including, with the help of her husband, and blames the boy for being ungrateful for his unwillingness to help other people, and to invite you to participate in your videos on YouTube, for example, because he was a newcomer one on your channel.

How do you have the right to think that it is hard to find? You’re a millionaire 19 year old. You don’t wake up and worry about how unfair it is to his work. It’s just so ridiculous to me. Fall off your horse and have some respect. You don’t have anything to offer to those who are in the industry, and that is the sad fact that“ he let loose of it. Westbrook also accused him of being a bad role model for his audience composed of young people from the ages of 12 and 14 years of age, because he’s going to believe in the sexualization of your posts.

Finally, the Buttons that made the video is because of Charles, he was making up lies about her and she was going to sell this info to gossip sites. “You have sold me, but you threw away our friendship. You lied to me, made up a story, don’t you know that it would be embarrassing for me…. Our relationship has never been of the transaction. I have never asked for anything in return“ matter.

After all-we, James opened up your heart and just posted a video apologizing again and again. “I’m sorry for everything that’s going on, and for all that I have, I did spend the last few weeks. Tati and her husband have given me so much love, advice, opportunities, and a place to stay, a shoulder to cry on at three in the morning, and back up when no one else wanted to or could, “ he began.

At the moment, is already very emotional, he laments the charges of the youtuber that he was using her fame and her sexuality to manipulate people, and he mentions the bad influences in his life. “I would hate to know that I have disappointed not only to my fans), but the two people who have been role models for me to do it (the work of a youtuber). I have been involved in many of the situations are strange, and the only one who got the people confused, or upset. I’ve learned the hard way on who I can trust among all the kids who walk… Share it really was one of those people who would sit with me and tell you how it all looked (as seen) from the outside. She told me, ‘Hey, talk to these kids can cause problems in a day. And she was right, “ he said, without naming any names.

The internet is, of course, made no mistake and placed the name of James is at the top of the topics most talked-about, worldwide in Twitter account. There are countless other, questions, objections, and opinions on the matter.

A huge controversy has gained new meaning this week-on Wednesday (may 14). Many prints were also published, showing a conversation of the driver with your friends, they point to the new version of the story. Nikita Dragun, also a youtuber, and a friend of Charles, has shared a few messages on his Twitter account, indicating that the incident had caused him to work with the rival brand of Westbrook. This, together with the Share he had said that he had planned everything in advance.

Until, that is, a new character entered the story, saying that it was not actually the case. Also, Twitter profile, YouTube channel “the Tea Spill, he published prints of their conversation, proving that James had read it all in a different way. Second, the influencer, it would be their own brand, they would have offered it to him. This issue has raised a question among the internet users, you don’t understand, if he had been mistaken, or distorted versions.