That is the scare! Katy Perry’s ‘passed out’ during the recording of “American Idol,” following the leak of the gas; See


The auditions on “American Idol” in minneapolis, minnesota, in the United States, they were by no means easy. And we’re not talking about the nervousness of the candidates. The teaser trailer for the next episode of the talent show, which will air on Sunday, the us gave them a scare in the fan-of-Katy-Perry-who appears to be knocked unconscious by a gas leak. Nice!

In the video released by People magazine, the judges are preparing to hear a new set of candidates when they know that something is wrong. “Do you smell gas? It’s so intense”, asked in California, and for the production of the program. “It is a gas, heavyagreed, Luke Bryan. “Man! what then is there to be a leak.

“I have a slight pain in his head. It’s too bad!”, she added she got up to leave the office, as the staff had started to evacuate the place. Then, the fire brigade and ambulances arrived at the scene, and the judges commented that it was still possible to feel the strong smell of the outside world.

“This is not a joke, there really is a leak in the gasconfirmed , Bryan, approaching the truck from the fire department. In the next scene, he showed that Perry, while giving a bit of wobble on the colleagues when he said: “I’m not feeling well.” And just then, the blonde bombshell was dropped on the floor. Oh My God!

Was it all an act or is our diva’s really, really suffered from a fainting spell?! That is possible, eh! We’ll have to wait until Sunday to see the outcome of this story. In November, however, when the episode was filmed, and the Department of Fire services in Sunriver, shared videos, and pictures with the judges of “American Idol,” after control of the incident. It has been reported a problem in the kitchen at the Sunriver Resort, the venue of the recording. Apparently, all has been well since the fire they have made up a test-voice for the program, the song “All Night Long” from Lionel Richie.

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Here’s the excerpt that circulated on Twitter in the talent show as below: