That’s a picture of Kylie Jenner without make-up bothers you? – 23/04/2020


On Wednesday, there is a picture of a woman with no make-up has risen in the ranking of the topics most talked about on Twitter. In a world of social isolation on the part of women have already questioned their daily routine for years now as the singer for Solange de Almeida, interacting with fans on social networks, internet users to publish variations on a meme, in which the celebrity in the north american Kylie Jenner is caught the guy that washed it (well, almost).

Among many games, the question imposed was, between the gap in his version, one with and one without make. The famous —along with the entire clan of the family of O— is a reference to the make is “product”, with lots of layers and fancy on the plate. Had come up with a more natural look brings us to a question we are ready to evaluate whether we are slaves to the make-up? What are the effects of emotional, to get the “clean face” that generates about us?”

The mouth is large, her hair long and brushed on the brow “of the rule,” the face, “defect-free”. On Instagram, which is followed by 171 million people, the majority of the publications, Kylie Jenner plays to the standard of beauty to which we are accustomed to.

One of the hallmarks of a celebrity, “explains make-up artist and beauty consultant, Fabiana Gomes, is a make-up with a large number of products, in order to make a change in the characteristics of the face, as well as the technique of contour, in that it is almost carved out”.

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“It’s a social standard, and specifically women, to seek out the flaws, whether it is one on the other, it is in the us. And it just covers up those flaws with makeup, or filters, rather than to create the false impression that everything is perfect,” explains psychologist specialist in cognitive-behavioral therapy Elena Senra. “It’s okay to wear make-up, as long as it is something that is comfortable for you, and it is not a tax. If you are not able to bear his natural image, it is necessary to restructure the self-image”.

She says, ” it is to be understood that the use or non-make-up-is a matter of social construction, based, in general, to the appreciation of the aesthetic, close to the european model, the body is slim and white person. We are accustomed also to look in the mirror and you look for “faults,” the aesthetic, ” he says.

A publication which is shared by Kylie (@kyliejenner) on the

The publication, however, it made a lot of comparisons between the Case-mounted” and “Case isolation”:

“The reality versus the Fantasy that is being demonstrated particularly well by the Kylie Jenner”.

It was also brought to the fore the fact that in Case you have a pale skin despite use of makeup and editing of the image, if you look at the black skin. It is worth noting that some of the users argued that the photos were old, from a time that Has not yet had undergone cosmetic procedures.

“I’m in quarantine for such a long time, Kylie Jenner’s in white again.

In addition to make-up, filters,

Fabiana Gomes explains that the style of the make-up of the famous, follows the pattern of the aesthetic is quite widespread, especially on social media.

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“[O estilo] put your face in the oval shape that, through the measures of golden [ideia de simetria e proporção que definiria a beleza humana]it is in the oval office. So, it does what it needs to do in order to be accepted into ‘the realm of beauty in the west’. It is used for very basic cover that is on the bottom, thus cancelling out the dark circles under the eyes, for example, the eyes are raised, with the middle marked, eyelash and false, and the root of the eyelash or something. In the mouth is greater and rounded up to give an air of sexy, but, if this is the case, it is possible to have other cosmetic procedures,” he said. “This is a woman, as a result of that look of plastic”.

In addition to the makeup, the look and feel of the Case also suffers from the modifications because of the angles of the photos you post on social media and the filter imposed on it.

“It is important to understand that, in Instagram, it stands for the erasure of the reality. From the lighting you use to capture the image of the pose to get that ‘perfect’. In the pictures, it’s very common for women to do in the mouth, in the format of the blows, half-ajar, so that you have a tone of fun”, for example”, it Wrote.

All of this, ” says make-up artist, you need to be called into question. “We’re just two screens away from the person in real life, the one she used to take a photo of the screen that we are looking at. This can lead to anxiety in those who do not belong to this ‘standard’, and women could be completely wrong, for no match for him,” he says.

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With 17 years of experience in the industry of beauty, Fabiana Gomes says that this relation is not easy.

“Make-up can be transformative, both aesthetically and emotionally. I, myself, use make-up, it is not every day, but I recognize that I have a couple of sticks. When I see this, I’m trying to play around and take a few of what I think I can. But in order to get to that point of liberation, it should not be a slave to the product, it is recommended.

The social isolation, ” says The it might be a good time for the train-the-moment, “I will make”. By the way, I wanted the Case to come to public to tell you what it was like with that [ser comparada com e sem make]”says The. “On the one hand, you can get the people inspired, but on the other hand, you can get people to think, ‘I Really need to make up, because I found it ugly and without any product. The only issue is that it’s ugly and beautiful are subjective, right?