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It is not a secret for anyone that Xavi hernández, a former player and a legend of Barcelona and want to go back to the club as a coach. He is also in charge of the Al-Sadd team in the city of Doha, in Qatar, and has been experiencing a good run for your first experience in this area of the game.

And, as the board of directors of the Club, you know this dream so soon after the sacking of Ernesto Valverde, the club has tried to get in touch with him, but ended up being pleasantly surprised by a not leaving too many do not understand the answer.

Reasons for not accepting the command of the Spanish club at the moment, is that it’s an opportunity that is not within the molds of the ideal, similar to the ones that you had to take your time in Qatar. “I’d like to start the season, not to take over the club as a “fire-fighter” trying to minimize a crisis’.

Xavi hernández gave an interview to the newspaper “La Vanguardia” in saying that, it is very clear to his return to Barcelona in the next phase of his career.

“A couple of years ago, and the call would I have to bring a certain amount of respect, but now that I’m a coach, I can bring other things to the players. I made it clear to them that I am on a project that is started of zero, and where the chief virtues were that the findings in relation to the club you were mine”.

“If I have to go back to the Camp Nou, I want the shield in the locker room for political influence”. This is a criticism of the direct, in relation to the management of the current president, Josep Maria Bartomeu. “Everything has to fall into place and I want everything to be in harmony”.

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He said he didn’t have a bad relationship with the current board of directors and the president, but there are people who want the well-being of Barcelona, and his desire is to get away from these.

Xavi also goes on to say that he would like to work with people that you trust, and loyalty, as well as the work in Al Sadd.

“I don’t want people to toxic to close to the dressing room. I don’t like to decide things for myself, I am very much a team sport. At the Al-Sadd in the decisions that are made by the board of directors on the structure of the horizontal and consensus-building, even to the last word, and it may be my own.”

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Recently, I said that Xavi has been doing a very good job at the time in Arabic. And as a player of paris saint-germain FC have a passion to go back to Barcelona, Xavi ended up being asked to lead the club.

“Hire extreme the Problem is. It may not fit the theme of the social, but talking about the football on the pitch, it would be a great hire”.

According to him, Barcelona is a team to be victorious, you already have the game, but it lacks the extreme, as in Bayern munich, for example. He is, in this case, he cited Gnabry, and on the Island.

I could add a lot to The Jong-il, to Arthur and Suarez.

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“There will be a time yet.”