The daughter of Jennifer Lopez cries while getting to know Others Eilish


Jennifer Lopez has managed to achieve the dream of her daughter to meet her idol, the singer of 18 years of age, Was Eilish. Emme Anthony, 12-year-old is a big fan of the young artist, the american, and that’s why he was at the tears with the unexpected.

J-Lo has shared a picture of the moment on his Instagram:

“When Emme first met Was,” and you have added an emoji of crying.

In the picture, the girl is taken to her mother in tears, while Eilish abraças the two-faced, visibly moved by the love of Emme.

Emme is the daughter of Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony. She has a twin brother, Max, which is not shown in the picture.

The birthday of the twins

This past February, Jennifer Lopez has used her social media to congratulate her twins, Max and Emme, for her birthday.

The children have celebrated their 12th year by winning the affection of the mother and the groom’s J-Lo and Alex Rodriguez, who has published a number of photos of the modern family in her Instagram.

On her social networking site, She shared a photo from the early days of the birth of a casalzinho, and wrote the following:

“I know that you will have a 12-year-olds today, but you’ll always be my baby … ‘HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO MY CUTE little coconuts!!!”.

Since the smaller it is, the children of ‘the coconuts’ because, according to the artist, in his voracious, with a little hair seemed to be two little coconuts.

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