The Ex-John-Mayer-Jennifer Aniston-takes attitude, and it leaves fans stunned


Jennifer Aniston on The Morning Show, a series that starred her, and that is available in the catalog of the Apple+. The artist was once again in the news when you take part in the live of John Mayer, her ex-boyfriend. (Picture: Handout)

It’s definitely not a rule, but some married couples can end their relationships and emotional life, and to maintain the relationship between the two parties. It seems that this is the case of the two artists are well known internationally: the actress Jennifer Aniston the singer John Mayer. And the two of them have been in the news at the end of last week, after a live-sponsored by the star of the song, and it was attended by more than a particular to the eternal Rachel Green Friends.

She came to a Instagram a little while ago, in the middle of last year, and has become a sensation on the social networking site. In addition to posting a lot of pictures of success, including the cast of the television series of the late 1990s, she also participated in the network in other ways as well. This time, the star has decided to take everyone by surprise by appearing in a live-sponsored by the Maya in their stories. And it left the fans open-mouthed when you make a “joke”.

The actress had a lot of fun to internet users

In the case of the singer, Bill Whithers, John, has done for a while now. “It doesn’t matter if he was talking to you, or an interviewer, there are 15, 14, 13 years old, it’s what he had to say was useful to you. 4% of all of the things that I say unto you, they are helpful to you. 100% of the things said by him was useful,” said the singer.

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It was precisely at this moment that the people who were live, they were shocked: the name of the Jennifer Aniston showed up as a spectator on the display screen. In the comments, the Hollywood actress has released some of the emojis and it showed that I was having fun listening to the ex. it is Worth noting that Aniston, who has been with Her from 2008 to 2009, and has written on many occasions that his relationship with the singer has remained quiet after the end of the earth.

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