“The face of the angel” (the daughter of Kate Beckinsale causes a wave of gasps, “It’s a dream come true,”


Lily Mo Sheen daughter of Kate Beckinsale, has completed 21 years of his life, and his mother did not want to leave it to you to share a special message.

It was on Friday, 31 October the daughter of Kate Beckinsale, Lily Mo Sheen, and made it to 21 years of age. On Instagram, the actress, the year.

“Pleased 21.Th. I love you, my Lily. […] We have our birthday, the funniest, the best, the brightest, the face of an angel. Ps: please, feel free to, finally, try to drink a sip of alcohol for the first time,” she wrote, Kate Beckinsale, with a note of humor in the caption of a photograph of the face of the child in the spotlight.

In the comments section, there have been many compliments on the beauty of Lily Mo Sheen. “It’s a dream come true,” “Beautiful” and “Pretty mama” are just a few examples.

It will be recalled that At the Mo-Sheen is the result of the relationship, however, ended in Kate Beckinsale with the actor Michael Sheen.

You see, right now, the image of the face of the daughter of Kate Beckinsale in the photo gallery we have prepared for you.

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