The history of Natasha Romanoff in the Universe, Cinematic, Marvel comics


Natasha Romanoff the mysterious spy for the Russian-built into the Room, a Red, a member of the classic Avengers set out by the The Universe, Cinematic, Marvel Comics. The hand of Clint Barton, are the only original members of the group who did not receive individual productions, as well as working as extras in the movies of the team and some of the films in the soil, the rest of the characters. Fortunately, a part of the scene has changed, and we are left with is a film of a super-heroine in very soon. This article aims to revisit and talk about the history and the good times we had on the character of the UCM.

Even though Iron Man 2 was not quite as marked as his predecessor’s, he is the responsible party for the premiere of the character, which at first presents itself as Natalie Rushman, and should be of interest to Tony Stark. Later, it is revealed by Nick Fury that his / her name is Natasha Romanoff and she is the one agent that is working with you in the S. H. I. E. L. D. The character takes a short action scene in the third act, where it defeated a group of thugs without any major problems as long as a Happy suffering for a fight, as opposed to only one. The fights, acrobatic left, of course, the skill of the character is in combat, hand-to-hand.

The second appearance of the Black Widow came in The Avengersand the film was successful in the present times, of the importance and prominence for the character. He convinced Bruce Banner to help S. H. I. E. L. D, manipulated, and Loki, God of Trickery, escaped from a Hulk in a rage, he helped Clint Barton to regain his consciousness, was a ship of Chitauri, and has retained the bravura, even in the face of the chaos generated by the invasion of alieníngena. It is here that the questions involved to date have been open-what happened in Budapest? What happened in san francisco? What is the reason of Natasha and Clint Barton have such a strong friendship?

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In Captain America: The Soldier WinterSteve Rogers and Natasha Romanoff have become closer as they perform missions under the command of S. H. I. E. L. D, where they learn about the corruption that is installed on the regulator. The characters of the two contrast perfectly, and even though they fight for the same goal, using different means to achieve their goals. In proof of his loyalty to Nick Fury, and play a key role in the fight against the Hydra. In the scene where she runs away from the Soldier, in Winter, in addition to well-made, the leaves in the air, and the idea that they’ve met in the past.

In the highly anticipated sequel to The Avengers, Age of Ultronthe first game was outstanding, more restrained, and just a few moments that is truly remarkable. It was here that the controversial novel by Bruce Banner, that was launched (and forgotten about). The chemistry between the two of you don’t work for you, and the way you rushed in with the valentine and was established by little added to the game. On the other hand, we have had a glimpse into the past of a spy when it is subjected to the powers of the Scarlet Witch. The Flashbacks of the training in the Red Room are shown, and it is clear that, In carries the emotional baggage of the strong.

The Civil Warthe movie where the Avengers have been weakened, as the family and the team, thanks to the efforts of the we did. Initially, at the hand of the Assassin, and the u.s. government agree that the Avengers need to be controlled and monitored by the authorities because of the subsequent disasters caused by the actions and struggles of the group, regardless of their purpose), the agent realizes that, no matter what, this feud would involve so much personal problems as much as clusters, with the result that it could only be a bad thing for everyone. Fighting each other was not the answer. Learning about the integrity and morality of Steve Rogers, a character that takes risks for the sake of a friend, and a chance for the redemption of Bucky’s and goes out to the club of the exiles after the government declared a criminal. It was the temporary end of the Avengers.

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And, behold, two years later, the spy appears quite different in the The Infinite War. Blonde, short hair and a new outfit. Side by side with Steve Rogers and Sam Wilson, the character has spent this time as a fugitive, and is working on the side of the companions, such as a tactical team, a very organized and competent, by the way, since it gave to the Corvus Glaive, and Close to Midnight, in short, an excellent action shot, saving his skin from a version that is fairly nerfada of the Vision and Wanda,.

The sense of failure took hold of the heroes who survived the crack-up of His. Side by side with Steve Rogers, Natasha was the one that he had a hard time to move on. A part of her family, had simply disappeared. It was a failure. The world was in mourning. Once you have found a possible work around to undo the acts of genocidal bad guy, In shows that focus on doing whatever it takes in order for the mission to be successful. And you did it. It is she who has been responsible for one of the scenes, the saddest and most beautiful of the Ultimateself-the jewel of the soul. He gave up his life in exchange for the life of his friend and of the life which had departed. A sacrifice that is recognised and rewarded with the success of my team-mates.

Destination in In in the Deadline made it a part of the public questioned the need for a full and individual to the character, especially for those who prefer a linear development in the film. After all, it is unacceptable to watch a movie with a character who is already dead in this universe? The film will be adding some new elements to this universe, or just to serve as a goodbye to the character? The issues related to the character over the course of the film, will be answered? This is going to be the fact that the last appearance of Romanoff in one of the films in the Marvel comic?

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Already in the eight years since the idea of a film on the ground of the Black Widow has been discussed by Kevin Feige, and Scarlett Johansson, for the first time. If the film had been developed at that time, you will hardly have the same elements as shown in the trailers and promotional materials. It’s hard to imagine the minor characters like the warden, Red and the Coach, catching up on the screens in 2012, when the studios were still in their infancy on the risk. Would the film have lost the time? It will be the delay that has favored the freedom of the film, adapting the elements of the comic book? Or rather, does ‘the Black Widow’, will honor the legacy of Natasha Romanoff?