The New Mutants | Anya Taylor-Joy’s praises Maisie Williams


During the interview, the website of PEOPLE Magazine, Anya Taylor-Joy has done a lot of praise for the Maisie Williams), with whom he played straight man in the movie, The New Mutants. Check it out:

“I became a huge fan of Game of Thrones recently, and I can tell you that Maisie is a very professional and talented, but at the same time, it is also a wonderful person and very humble. It is difficult to maintain, so the reality is, considering the status that she has achieved in the last few years.”

The five young mutants realize the scope of their powers, and deal with the traumas of the past as they are being held against their will in an accident in a hospital.

The New Mutants is expected to make his debut in 03 and April of each year.

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