The revealed photo of never-before-seen Robert Downey Jr. behind-the-scenes of Iron Man 1


The man in the Ironthe primeirão there in 2008, it was also the first film from Marvel Studios, and it’s a story that would forever change pop culture. Be the hit of the MCU was the beginning of the epic, the heroes, that we live in from that point on, it promises to last for more than 10 years.

This the first Iron Man, there would be no The avengers. And, incredible as it may seem, the movie is still one of the best in the MCU up to this day, having aged not a wine.

Well, you know, of all the challenges facing the production, he had to find Tony Stark to be perfect. And after a lot of reluctance, and those of Jon Favreau with Robert Downey Jr. finally, it became the obvious choice for all of you.

And it is in the HANDBOOK for today is that we have had this photo of the never-before-seen RDJ behind the scenes of the movie, which wowed his or her career. Who would have thought back then that he would become one of the actors, the highest paid of them all? The boss is the boss!

What kind of a man!

Also, I have of our genius? Anyway, Iron Man 1 and it has been voted by us as one of the Marvel movies that are PERFECT for you to attend during the quarantine! Check out the full list below:

6. Spider-man: Far from Home

Ok Spider-man: Far from Home this is basically the exact OPPOSITE of what is recommended to do this at present. We have to stay in the house, and it was not that Peter Parker and his group from the school made it into the final movie of Phase 3 of the MCU.

Whether it was coincidence or not, on a tour of Europe, was what led to the arrival of the first infected by the coronavirus in Brazil. In the first case, there came a man coming back from a trip there from Italy, which is just the first stop will be the Peter’s and their friends.

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It may be a good choice for you if you want to imagine the feeling of traveling through Europe. As you may will never do this, and the world will never be the same again.

5. Black Panther

Even more important than the political and geographical make-up of the thing, we need to talk about Wakanda and the whole of the story Black Panther. Even though the movie brings in a dispute over the throne of the nation, as well as to explore intensively on their issues, and social issues, there are two valuable lessons in the movie, Ryan Coogler.

The first is the greeting, wakandana: criss-crossing their arms instead of shaking hands. On the other, it reflects a lot on our present moment: a nation in isolation from the boundary is completely closed. This is what many countries are doing it, and it’s the bare minimum, in fact.

Even though the lesson of the Black Panther at the end of the film is to tear down the barriers and make the world even more connected to you among all peoples, and nations, and it may not be the time to do it. Thank you, the T-Challa, but you’re going to follow the traditions!

4. The Avengers: Infinite War

In addition to being one of the best superhero movies of the history The Avengers: Infinite War it reflects a little bit of risk many people’s lives in the global (and universal) which are caused by the Claims, and the Covid-19 And Crazy.” The film also touches on the issue of a lack of resources.

The fact that many markets around the world are now completely empty, due to the panic and desperation of the people to stock up on supplies for the days of the years. As a result, the markets are empty, come, leaving a lot of people do not have access to a lot of these features. His does not do this!

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And in the end, there is a valuable lesson, delivered by a Vision in the making of the film: “I don’t think that we should have stayed in bed”. That is: DO NOT GET OUT OF THE HOUSE!

3. But

The times are hard, that’s Eddie Brock shows all the signs of being a parasite, the alien, reflects sadly the reality.

As a solution to the love you make-up, and to come to an agreement with the symbiote in real life: wash your hands and stay isolated at home, watching the But call Eddie’s for the loose.

2. The man in the Iron

The man in the Ironthe first film in the MCU, there in 2008, it brought in the most famous case of forced quarantine in the Marvel comics universe. That was the period where Tony Stark got trapped in a cave. In the captivity, Tony has been instrumental in the rise of the billionaire as Iron Man.

Unlike Tony Stark, we’re not going to have to wait 6 months to eat a hamburger, while the systems of delivery work. And we’re not going to need to quit good idea to fire anyone to be able to get away from the situation. Also.

1. The man-Ant, and the Wasp.

So here is the movie of a super hero, more a visionary of history: The man-Ant, and the Wasp.. In the first place on our list, it reflects 100% the reality of the young people in the quarantine, as well as giving us some tips on what to do in this period of social isolation.

After all, we see Scott’s Parents, and their routine is under house arrest, spending the whole day at home, doing the things that only Paul Rudd could speak with so much passion. Cry, read a good book, play the drums, build the slides for your home.

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And to unite the two tendencies of the time, you can go in to the hype of the BBB20 and hipnólogo Pyong, and to learn how to win. The Man-Ant, he did those tricks? The time has come for you to discover! On the approved list? I forgot one of the films most important to this time? Please comment below to share (virtually) with all of his friends are in quarantine and we’re going to put together (but separate) to overcome this crisis.


The next film in the Marvel comics, as far as I know, it will be The Black Widow! Read on for the synopsis of the film: “Natasha Romanoff faces the darker parts of her passing, whenever there is a dangerous conspiracy linked to its history. Haunted by a force that’s not going to stop until we take her In to deal with her history as a spy, and the relations are broken up, that she had left behind before he became an Avenger”.

The Black Widow it will be directed by Cate Shortland (Lore), with a script by Eric Pearson (“Thor: Ragnarok). The cast of your account, of course, with Scarlett johansson as the Black Widow, and David Harbour, as Alexei Shostakov, also known as the Guardian, Red, Rachael Weisz as the Iron Lady, Florence Pugh as Yelena, O. T. Fagbenle as for Manson, and a lot of others. The date of the premiere in brazilian cinemas was scheduled to be held on 30 April 2020, which have been delayed INDETERMINADAMENTE due to the outbreak of the coronavirus all over the world.

Read EVERYTHING ABOUT the Black Widow!