The | the First images of Oscar Isaac and Jason Momoa


Here, after many months of waiting, we can finally begin to imagine a little more about the “The”. The first images of the characters that have already been posted!

Timothée Chalamet is a character in this new adaptation of “Dune”. The guy from “Call Me By Your Name”, and “Little Women” come together, also a great name in the history of art. Among them are the Oscar Isaac and Javier Bardem, Rebecca Fergunson, Stellan Skarsgard, Dave Bautista (“My Spy”), and Zendaya.

As well, the film will be, this time, with a view to: Denis Villeneuve. This is a remake of the original film from 1983, which is chagará it on the big screen, it is also the starting point for a series of in-fiction science – “The: “The Sisterhood”.

It’s safe to say that the movie keeps you on the date of the premiere in December of this year, and will work in collaboration with Greig Fraser, who was the one responsible for the “Lion,” and that he’s also working on “Rogue One: the Story of Star Wars“. And speaking of “Star Wars”, and a little curious about “Dune” is that it, along with the director of photography was involved in the project, it was also shot on location in some of the places that are very familiar to fans of Darth Vader and Han Solo. One of the film’s scenes were shot in Jordan, which was the scene of “Star Wars: clone Wars: The Rise of Palpatine”. In addition to this, they also filmed it near to Abu Dabhi, a location other than the “Star Wars”.

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Have you ever seen The 1983?