The third installment of the Spider-Man in the MCU has been postponed to November, 2021, Doctor Strange 2, now comes in the year 2022


The Marvel Studios and Sony Pictures revealed through a press release, the film Spider-Man 3 with Tom Holland and Doctor Stranger-in-the-Style-Of-Madness they were sentenced.

Spider-Man 3 expected to release on 14 July 2021. Now, he comes on the 05 of November of the same year.

Now, Doctor Stranger-in-the-Style-Of-Madness suffering their second title since the original forecast was in May of 2021, Then the Marvel Studios he announced a second date for the feature, 05 Nov 2021. Now, the new date is the 25th of March, in the year 2022.

Doctor Strange 2 Of' Theory Could Explain Spider-Man's in the MCU to Exit

In the universe of film from Marvel comics this started in 2008 through the movie The man in the Iron produced by Robert Downey Jr.. under the direction of the Jon Favreau. Currently, the USING it is made up of 23 films, 6 short films and 11 serials.

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