To the chagrin of Britney Spears is being prevented from spending quality time with the kids


Britney Spears

In the last few years have all been leading up to Britney Spears. In the month of September, the american singer saw her ex-husband, Kevin Federlinefor a change, in accordance to the care and custody of the two children they have in common, then the father of the artist, allegedly assaulted the son of the old man in this, Seanthat was 13 years ago.

As such, the two sons of the former couple, who up until then it was divided equally for the time that you were there with each of the parents, there is a 70% of the time with the parent and 30% with the mother, and the one that took Britney Spears to be angry with his father, Jamie Spears.

Now, a source close to the singer revealed to US Weekly that it’s still a letdown that the two don’t spend a lot of time with each other. “Britney has spent a lot of time with his father, and still more than a little angry, because you don’t see much of the kids as it was before. Jamie is worried about it, because they don’t have a set schedule for work to keep busy”he said.

He was the father of the artist, who was in charge of all his affairs and, since 2007, but in 2019 he had to give that job to the manager the singer, Jodi Montgomery, due to his health problems.

It will be recalled that Britney and Kevin Federline were married in 2004 and 2007, and they have two children together, Sean, 14-year-old, and Alexis, 13.

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