Tom Holland is grateful for the support from Chris Pratt in a fight between Marvel and Sony


During the world premiere of the The Two Brothers, It’s A Fantastic Journeythe actor Tom Holland comment on how Chris Pratt it was important at that time Marvel comics and Sony they were in disagreement as to the Spider-Man. In an interview with the Andhe said:

“You know, all over the world supported me. Of course, all over the world, but it’s Chris [Pratt] and I was behind the scenes at the D23 before we were called onto the stage. I was giving this news to him, because he didn’t know it. He said to me, ‘no, it’s not going to happen. They’re going to understand it, and if it doesn’t happen, you’ll be fine.’ It is very nice to have you by my side, because he is someone that I admire very much, and I’m glad we are good friends.”

In August, Sony Disney breached the agreement to allow Spider-Man to Tom Holland ‘ continues to appear in the USING. The falling-out was because Marvel Studios was unhappy with his share in the profits of the products that are related to the Teioso. In the Marvel comics, so he negotiated for a higher percentage, but it’s a Sony, not realizing the full potential of the financial game in which you have chosen to go back to the creative control of the hero, apart from Kevin Feige the production of long, and the man in the MCU.

In the next month after a few back and forth, Sony and Marvel have come to an agreement, and Spider-Man back in the MCU. As a result, the two companies will be producing the third installment of the hero, which hits theaters on July 16, 2021. As part of the settlement, the character of the Tom Holland also, you may want to appear in the new movies USING. The production will be Kevin Feigefor the Marvel comicsand Amy Pascalwith the Pascal, A.

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