Travis Scott, but is interrupted by her daughter Stormi, during a live on-Instagram


Travis Scott has to be accompanied by a guest surprise during his live session on Instagram.

Travis Scott brought out his daughter, Stormi, much to his Instagram to live-in on Thursday, as the pair, father and daughter, this is a very nice board. The rapper was busy promoting his event on Fortnite, on Thursday night, while the concert for the ASTRONOMICAL virtual did in the game – when the girl in the 2 years that he shares with his ex-girlfriend, Kylie Jenner, has decided to appear in a GI, live.

Travis picked up his little girl on his lap to bring it to the screen – ” the Stormi to say hi to the camera, which she did with great pleasure. Stormi then looked at the comments we received on the live stream, and asked him, “what is that to you?” I don’t know,” he said, laughing. “It’s-a-live.” Lisa then loaded the Stormi to the other room as he asked: “what are you watching dad?”

Travis asked her if she wanted to play Fortnite with him and his friends, as she said, “look, daddy,” over and over again. Stormi decided that I didn’t want to play, before you say “hello” to many of the spectators to Him, and then good-bye. However, he later posted a story on the Instagram of a Stormi, deciding to play Fortnite, legendando in the video: “Stormi was. Come back for a second.”

Check it out, the moment the soft down below.