Travis Scott, Gunna, and NAV will release a new song, “Virgin”, listen to it!


N if you re-connect with Travis Scott and Gunna in her new single “Islands”.

The new range, the NAV Travis Scott, and a Gunna which is produced by the Squeeze has had excerpts published several times over the course of the past few months, but we didn’t know their official release date until this week. “Fuck, should we release next?”, Navi asked, Gunna, during a session on the Instagram Account. “Fuck it, they’re begging me for it, I’m going to spread it tomorrow… that’s It, fuck it, tomorrow will be ‘Islands’ comes out in the future.”

The Nav came up and was “Virgin” at midnight on a Friday, as promised. “For the first time in the Islands, and it had a lot of work and I had to bring the two jets, with a bunch of girls,” He rhymes on the second verse.

The song marks the second single off the album collaboration between both artists after the band of Scott’s at ASTROWORLD “natural world” (the year 2018). At the moment, it is not clear whether or not the song will appear on a project – maybe a third full-length studio album from the Nav – or if its just for a launch release.

You can tell “Jew” is now on Apple’s Music-or, via Spotify, below.

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