Travis Scott shows off his production skills for the quarantine of coronavirus


Travis Scott is honing his production skills for the quarantine of the coronavirus that is imposed by the government of the United States of america.

With so much uncertainty in our world right now due to the coronavirus, look for the one thing that has always remained constant for us: the music. People spend hours in quarantine in a different way. Some of us are listening to this new album from the Weeknd with care. The others are at the front of the great towers of the blocks of the Game (save for the Cardi-B ). And other people are using your free time wisely, being productive and improving your trading.

Travis Scott can be considered to be in the final group. The rapper is known for his work with producer Mike Dean, but also have the skills to back on the table. The artist is H-Town, went to Instagram to show us how he is coping with all of this extra time, and it is very beneficial, while enhancing their skills in production and showing off what it can do for you.

Bring a sample of the vocal, in some of the battery-style boom-bap, Travis Scott, seems to be experiencing a new vibration to record in your studio at home. Before you blow up as an artist, it was not uncommon to see the name of the Individual on the credits as a producer in the music of other rappers. Currently, he is focusing more on his own material, but he is taking advantage of the opportunity to re-visit their roots.

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You are expecting Him to produce their next album?