Ultimate vent, after criticism from the protest at the Oscars


Natalie Portman, Jane Foster in the MCU (the universe of film from the Marvel comics, which appears in the Avengers: Deadline, has drawn attention in the last week-end at the same place. The actress wore a dress by the name of a different key (more on that here).

The famously protested the lack of nominations of women in the category of Best director. The award ended up with Bong Joon-ho (the Parasite), in a dispute between the men.

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Therefore, the protest of the Natalie Portman has become controversial. The us government is now the owner of a production company that just hired you, a woman, even today, to change the direction: the artist of the Upcoming Deadline.

The actress Rose McGowan was not pleased with the protest, so much so that he used social media to hit Natalie Portman.

“The kind of activism that the Portman is a deeply offensive to those of us who actually do the work. I am not writing this with bitterness, I am writing to you in disgust. Natalie, you worked with two directors in his long career, and one of them was you…. Do you have a production company that hired him right don’t you,” wrote McGowan.

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For Variety, the actress of the Upcoming Deadline and wrote a very long text. In it, he responded to the criticism of Being.

Natalie Portman has admitted that she has worked with a few directors in the movie. But it was quoted in partnership for a number of other appearances within Hollywood, such as in the short term, and trade.

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The names mentioned by the actress of the Upcoming Deadline was the director Marya Cohen, md, Mira Nair, Rebecca Zlotowski, Anna Rose, Holmer, Sofia Coppola and Shirin Neshat.

In addition to this, it was agreed that it could not be called “brave”. The actress, brave are the women who have testified against the producer Harvey Weinstein, who was charged with multiple incidents of sexual abuse and harassment in the street.

“Courage is a word that I would associate more strongly with the actions of the women who testified against Harvey Weinstein in the past few weeks, under incredible strain. In the past few years, opportunities arose in the direction of the women, due to the collective efforts of the many people who are questioning the system. The feedback has been that these films are amazing. I hope that is what it was designed to as a simple nod to them, is not distracted by his great deeds,” he said in the past.

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The actress in the Avengers: Ultimate is also vented to the work of the director in Hollywood. Natalie Portman said that in the movies, the women are under pressure, they do not have suitable working conditions and also go through difficulties to get distribution.

In defense of the fact that you have a company and don’t hire the directors, Natalie Portman has cited that it has been used to support film makers in the case. In addition to that, the famous for took out, which had a project with the women, discarded because of the difficulties mentioned above.

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“Well, then, I want to tell you, I’ve tried it, and I will keep on trying. Although it has not yet been successful, I would hope that we are entering a new day,” she ended in the past.

Natalie Portman is back in the MCU, Thor: the Love and the clap of Thunder, which was introduced in November of 2021.