Vitoria SC’s Arsenal: with The support of Mia Khalifa has not reached the foot of the Pépé – yes, the Sport


But it’s the move that’s best reflected in the delivery of both the teams in the game came at minute 31, when it Was Lira back to show you how easy it is to hit the defense arsenalista, and it appears isolated in the face of the goalkeeper and, ultimately, his head very much on top of it. Unfortunately, and to the clutter once again in the mirror.

On the whole, this is the first period of time, the best chance for Arsenal was a header over the bar from the Holding company that is not scared of anyone.

In the second half of the story, however, it would be the other. Faced with the waste of the Victory, the Arsenal grew into the game with the introduction of the players with the most spin, Guendouzi, and Lacazette is on your mind. The blues grew into the game, and the team of Dr. Vieira did what he could with a line of five defenders to hold the point but the dream of scoring fell to the ground when the French Pépé, the man who allowed the u-turn in the last round at the Emirates Stadium, it has become a freedom that you’ve found a good target at the head of the central Mustafi who opened the scoring.

Interestingly enough, the “score against” served as the starting point for Guimarães to return to the best of your time. Don’t know if it was the injured pride if the possibility of a defeat in the Europa League after a good performance, if you have been thousands of people on a rainy day, at a time in a strange (15h50), there are no longer listen for a second that it was the king D. Afonso Henriques. Maybe all of this is the rise of Bruno Duarte’s up to the equaliser.

It happened like this: Edwards crossed the ball to the right side, and Rochinha headed the ball into the far post, where Bruno Duarte, the bicycle kick, made the final goal of the tie.

In the overtime, a shot from the Bonatini deflected by Mustafi almost gave the own goal, and Rochinha made with a ball over the goalpost. But at the end of the story was the lack of luck he was there the whole time.

The moral of it is not translated from the views that we saw on this night in Guimarães, portugal, in case that contrary, the Arsenal was almost on the uefa champions league quarter-final, and the away Win in european competition. It will be a case to say that what has Aired when you may have the Pépé?


Jests, and put in three measures

What is this, oh my?

The phrase that Emiliano Martinez will be told to the defense of the Arsenal in the two free-almost back to what the two holes in the giant let two players from the Winning to show up cropped to his head, in his face.

Emiliano Martinez, with the added advantage of having two hands

It was not by Emiliano Martínez, Arsenal could not have come at a time of the game in terms of discussing the game. The goalkeeper and the argentine was the main reason for the unhappiness of guimarães.

Bruno Duarte da Silva is located in the retina for the good of the soccer player

If it is a goal kick in extra time, it’s the team’s first point in the Europa League, it doesn’t smell to good football, so I don’t know what it smells like.

Not with the two lungs, was that a ball

With this football, in the Arsenal of Unai Eméry don’t promise to go to the ball, or anywhere. Since the departure of old manager Arsène Wenger asked for him had more to do with the successor of the French, on the bench at the Emirates, but this season has given the fans of the Gunners, was a football, much less for a team the size of Arsenal could, and should, submit.