“We’ve been on for 3 days, without talking”


Casada, with Data analysis expressions (Dax Shepard, Kristen Bell spoke about a topic that is common to all married couples: those discussions. This is what happened in the program, the ‘Life-Is-Short-with-Justin-Long’ on Tuesday, where the artist’s 45-year-old said that she and her partner make it a point to clarify all your doubts with one another with respect to their marriage.

“If we’re going to talk about it, we have to make sure that we show the good, the bad, and the ugly of how we are going to deal with it,” he said, noting that the two went to couples therapy and that you dislike a lot of things to one another.

Kristen goes further and brings to mind a huge discussion you had with Data analysis expressions (Dax. “It was about the things that are related to the house, he felt that he needed help. We are in a relationship where it’s supposed to, which may mean that you need some help,” he said.

It all happened when Bell was going out, leaving a note in the Space. “I left a ticket of the kind, ‘Would you place the towels in the dryer, and then fold (…). I thought, ‘you’re 10 minutes into the session, I can tell you that. At that time, the house was becoming too much for me,” he says.

“Bell continues, referring to the fact that her husband turned out to complain about the ticket, stressing that he was “seen” with them.

From the beginning of the actress also tried to respond calmly, but quickly, things got out of control.

In one form, the two-block, and we got into a huge discussion. I don’t remember what really happened, but it was very high, with harsh words, he was angry. (…) I grabbed my pillow and went to sleep in another room to cry. We don’t talk about it for three days.”she says.

It all ended up being around the actressalong with her daughters in Lincoln, for six years, and in the Delta, and of the five, they decided to take a dog in the street. “Don’t ask, I’m sorry, but you brought a dog”, he says, have “fun”.

Despite the fact that this time a more complicated process, ” Bell assures us that the husband is much more attentive to your needs, when you need help.

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