Who is Henry Cavill, the Superman, may you live on in Marvel? See you!


Henry Cavill is mostly known for his performance as Geralt in The Witcher, and the character in the DCEU. The actor has been able to attract fans around the world with these services.

But after winning over fans in the DC, and the Series, is that Henry Cavill is going to enter into the world of Marvel comics?

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We have listed below the characters in the comic books, Henry Cavill can be interpreted in the MCU.

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He’s in several Comics other than the leader of the X-Men. The character is sure to make his debut in the MCU, along with the introduction of the timeline. Henry Cavill would be great in the role.

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The Fantastic four are a team of “heroes”, whose arrival is highly anticipated by the fans of the MCU. Even though the majority of the fans would prefer for John Krasinski for the role of the web site Cinema Blend says that Cavill would also be great as the leader of the group.

The Marauder would still take a long time to get to the movie theaters because of the impact of the agreement on the Marvel’s Series. However, once the hero reaches the big screen, Henry Cavill is a great actor for the role.

The Knight of the Moon has a set confirmed at the Disney’s+. The details of the production and the cast has not yet been revealed. According to Cinema Blend, Henry Cavill, can be achieved as well as the main character in the highly anticipated series.

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Sub-mariner must also make its debut soon in the MCU, because of the existence of the Kingdom, the hero has already been suggested, in such films as Black Panther. Henry Cavill has the talent necessary to build an interpretation of the iconic character.

Kraven the Hunter is one of the enemies, the most iconic of Spider-Man and can make his / her debut in the MCU in a future film hero. According to Cinema Blend, Cavill has the body type is perfect to play the villain.

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Doctor doom could be one of the greatest villains of the future of the MCU. The character will be introduced, along with the Fantastic four, and Henry Cavill could interpret it.