Wonder woman will appear at the end of the BBB20 in action-unreleased


After live the british singer Dua Lipa in the BBB2o the the reality he announced the participation of more than one artist is international.

During the end of the program, in the Globe, and on the next Monday (27/4), ” Warner home video is going to show a commercial for the unheard-of scenes from Wonder Woman in 1984 . It has Gal Gadot in the role of the heroine, Diana.

In the movie, it’s been postponed because of the coronavirus, has a new date, come to cinemas in the brazilian the 13th of August. Originally, the film would have its premiere in June of that year.

In addition to Gal Gadot, the cast will be Pedro Pascal, Chris Pine, Robin Wright, and Kristen Wiig.

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