Younger sister of Cameron Boyce speaks and reveals how you would feel if there were to be a continuation of the Descendants after the death of the brother in TV’s Focus

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The younger sister of Cameron Boyce talks about the sequel to the Descendants, in the absence of your brother ” (Photo: Playback)

Dove Cameron spoke out during an interview with the HollywoodLife, as this would be a continuation of the Descesdentes after the death of his brother

When Cameron Boyce, died at the age of 20, after suffering from an attack of sleep during the month of July of this year, Disney has decided to shelve plans for a fourth film in the franchise to Descendants. The daughter of the artist, Dove Cameron, she agreed completely with this attitude and believes that it’s the best decision to be made.

During an interview with HollywoodLife, Dove Cameron reported that it would be very difficult for a sequel to the film, in the absence of Cameron Boyce. “What has happened has been so incredibly painful for all of us, and it is something that we are not able to recover,” said she.

“So, I think that the idea of doing another film, it would be glorious for all of us, and even though he was healing in many ways, it could also be super wrong. So it could be either way and it depends on how we’re feeling, and I think that’s the most beautiful thing Disney has done is they have created a safe space for the squad to be where you want it to be. They have cleared all of this when Cameron passed away, and I know what they want, which is to our interest, so we’ll see. I doubt it, but we’re going to see each other,” concluded the daughter of the actor.

The death of the artist is still very much remembered by the fans, and without a doubt, there is an assurance that all we have is Cameron Boyce always will be greatly missed.

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Cameron Boyce in the Descendants (Photo: Playback)