youtuber offers his side on the accusations of harassment


In the space of a week, the internet has seemed to turn against the CoverBoy James, and Charles, after a video of prosecutorial her friend (also a youtuber) Tati Westbrook to get to the net. A few days later, however, it appears to have been forgiven. The change in the the mood the online has occurred for the account on the most recent video from the young artist. In no More Lies (No Lies), in other words, it points out all the objections received and to present your side of the story.

The influencer inclusivese expressed about the allegations of sexual harassment against men and heterosexuals. James admits that when they share their frustrations about the boys in your social media, you are speaking to the young men of the opposite sex. He explains that having come out of the closet at age 12, when she was only two other gay friends. The three of them are very close together, so there were romantic feelings to be explored.

“I’ve never had the opportunity to experience love, and learn from it as a teenager,” explains James. “It got stuck in my growth as a person in many different ways,” he says.

Charles further explains that, even though it has gone through a maturing very, very quickly on account of your success on the internet when it comes to love and relationships that he has “very little experience”.

For this reason, he feels that he is immature in a variety of situations. “I’m emotional right now, and, at the same time, I let myself be carried away by this; I can be dramatic, reactive, direct, and paquerador,” explains James. The make-up artist could not, however, detract from these features. “You have millions of viewers, as long as you are learning, [no entanto] it’s complicated,” he said.

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James also refuted the accusations of Fair End, I would have sent you messages to your boyfriend’s accused of sending multiple messages to the boyfriend of the year”. According to the youtuber, the conversation took place before they knew what a “crush” was committed.

Charles also mentioned that it was ironic that she had been accused of sexual harassment when a female singer, only to find his boyfriend in a tweet where he wrote, “Who are you, where do you live how old are you because you are such a cat, how do you like your eggs in the morning? [sic]”. In addition, she posted a photo of the same man that I knew, without a shirt on Instagram.

I would like to ask something of you, the audience: Why is Zara Larsson, a woman who has a platform-you can tweet publicly to these photos of a man with no shirt [perguntando quem ele é, insinuando uma atração]but when I, as a gay man to send a message privately to a single praise of the same person [a ação] it is seen as predatory?

James warns the audience of the saying that stereotypes are still being used against gay men is harmful to the gay and lesbian community.

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Share on Wednesday 22/05/2019), he went to Twitter to explain his mindset when recording the video, Bye Sister. “I could have, and should have found a better way,” he wrote. “Up until now, I still have a lot of things to clear up”. She has responded to the demand by her fans for her to give evidence and has said that he will continue to communicate with James, Charles, private.

All of the parties involved have agreed to take some time away from the internet is to get back on their feet. James also said that a representative of the Buttons, and Jeffree Star have been in contact with him / her, asking everyone to come together. However, the make-up artist said, you need to be alone, to overcome what has happened.