A film from the Marvel universe or anything like that and sly cooper, with Tom Holland, which is delayed


Sony has made a big change in the schedule of releases for the sake of the pandemic coronavirus (COVID-19). All the major releases from the studio have been cancelled.

To postpone the most sense for the fans, it may be Morbius, a movie from Marvel that is in the starring by Jared Leto. The length of a character who is a vampire and goes to July 2020 march 19, 2021.

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In addition to this, the inside of the feature films Marvel’s, Sony’s delayed the film’s editor, without any information revealed to him, that was scheduled to take place in October 2021. This project does not have the most daylight to go.

Also, within the property of Marvel comics for a while, But # 2, which has the return of Tom Hardy to the lead role, continues to be marked for October of this year.

White, the film adaptation of the famous game, it has also been delayed by Sony. The film will be Tom Holland, who is known as the Spider-Man in the lead role.

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In the film, march of 2021, to October 8th of the same year. Thus, the long holds on the date on which it would be in the movie, the mysterious of the Marvel universe.

Other deferment, is on The Hunt for Ghosts: Beyond the new movie in the franchise. The film moves from July to march 5, 2021 (the date that it was White).

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It is worth noting that in a pandemic, it does not affect only the debut in the theaters. The recording and post-production of the film had to be stopped because of the outbreak.