A lobster walks around the street from Kim Kardashian and her latest: “Confused”


Socialite Kim Kardashian shocked by the post on his Twitter account an image of the unusual. The patients showed a video of a live Maine lobster out walking on the street, in your neighborhood.

Shocked, she asked: “you have Just confused as to how a lobster can be to be walking down my street in Calabasas! What’s going on here?!?!?!”.

The fans found the humor in the situation and responded to the post with one-liners. “That’s how you know that your neighborhood is a rich one if you have a lobster running around,” joked a fan.

Another surfer showed up saying in the video from Kim: “This is a lobster he could find with a Kardashian before my time”. The influence of Sam Strykers have also had a lot of fun with the image of: “You’ve never seen a crayfish walking down the street? It’s poor!”.

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