Angelina Jolie is on child-rearing in quarantine: the Challenge


The world is going through a period of uncertainty with a pandemic caused by a new coronavirus. On the night of the day, most of the people have had their lives changed and impacted in some way on behalf of the Covid-19.

It is in the stage of social isolation, due to the outbreak of the disease, a large portion of the society has been quarantined, kept at home in order to avoid contamination.

Angelina Jolie, apart from being a good movie actress is also a mother of a super-dedicated to their six children:Maddox (18), People (16) Zahara (15), And Shiloh (13), and twins Knox and Vivienne (11)

In an interview with Time magazine, the ever Evil in the history of art, spoke about the challenges of educating the children in the house.

“We’re trapped, we’re… well, the two things that affect the kids who are out of school, it is, of course, the “education” and ” educational issues. I know that parents all over the country are faced with the education in the home, and this may be more of a challenge for the parents than for the kids,” you started it.

Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt arrive at an agreement on the school’s
Angelina Jolie enjoys the company of the first-born in the quarantine

Domestic violence

The international superstar took the opportunity to touch on a theme that’s timeless, very soft, however, it is extremely important to you.

“We know that domestic violence is on the rise in all over the world, because we are hearing reports of terrible. Therefore, the inside of your home can be the most dangerous in the world for a lot of people. We should never have children, most vulnerable people in the world. We should never be in such a state… This is a moment of the action. For large changes all over the world,” he reflected.

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The famous ” he concluded by reaffirming his faith in the people.

“I’m a big believer in mankind. I have no hope. I think that you really can’t afford not to have hope. As long as people are aware of how to help and what to do about it, they will help them”, completed.

Co Co Co Co Coronavírus: how the disease has affected the world of the famous

  • Around the world each and every day an increasing number of cases of celebrities being affected by the Covid-19

  • Preta Gil had contracted the virus after singing at the wedding of Roberto Minelli, and sister, Gabriela Pugliesi.

  • Fernanda Paes Leme, and the Isabella, and his sister, Ornella Minelli. you also have been infected in marriage.

  • Schedules, TV production, and releases at the movie theater, and various touring and other special events have been canceled.

  • The famous campaign around the world by making grants to fight the pandemic.

Editor’s note: this information was accurate at the time of this writing. We continue to update our coverage of the coronavirus to the extent that we learn the most. Browse frequently at our website for the most up to date information.

Hollywood stars, athletes, and members of the royalty, they represent a very small number of the more than 1,000,000 cases of coronavirus recorded in any of the world up to that point. Given the speed with which new viruses spread, they are many of the famous who have become infected, including Tom Hanks, who was the first celebrity to show off their positive results in the tests, the king’s son, Charles, in addition to the brazilian, Di Ferrero, Preta Gil, Dinho Ouro Preto, Leandro Lehart, Scott World, among others. The british prime minister david cameron, and Boris Johnson, it was the first world leader to get it. According to the Centers for disease Control and Prevention of the Disease, “the coronavirus is spread mainly from person to person, with symptoms ranging from fever, cough, and shortness of breath.

Lollapalooza has been postponed on account of the coronavirus

The name coronavirus that has been quite pronounced in recent years. He was “baptized” in that way, because it has a structure in the shape of a crown. The virus that causes changes in spontaneous and random, so there is as yet no medication is good enough to fight the disease.

One of the deterrents to more effective counter-COVID-19, is to wash your hands thoroughly, including the back, underside of the nail, and forearm, and use the alcohol gel in the same place, right after the washing. The alcohol in the gel will form a protective layer, and the virus does not survive him, and therefore, it is unable to attach to the surface of the body. Thus, it is avoided to bring the virus to the mucous membranes.

Coronaviruses disrupts the big premiere of the film

The coronavirus had spread very rapidly in many parts of the world, in addition to a lot of people to be infected, there were a number of deaths. A pandemic (illness, epidemic wide-spread) has acted quickly in the world of the most famous too, being the names of well-known to all of us.

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