Artist reveals concept art of the Rhino in The Spectacular-Spider-Man 2


Rhino in The Spectacular Spider-Man 2 ” (Photo: Playback)

In The Spectacular Spider-Man 2 we were introduced to the Rhino, one of the enemies, the most renowned of the Head of the Web. In the Comics, Alekhsei he was a thief, a Russian who want to earn enough money to bring his family to the United States of america. But the tremendous strength brought to the attention of the Design of the Super Soldier, the Soviet union, which gave him a costume that made him look like a rhinoceros, but only the most hard-wearing.

In the movie, instead of looking for a costume that looked like the skin of a rhino, he won a suit of armor, robotics, it seemed more like a battle tank. The artist, Jerad S. Marantz, has shared on his Instagram an image of the concept, as it might have been the garb of a Rhino in The Spectacular Spider-Man 2, while still having the look and feel of a robot, a suit would be more akin to a rhinoceros.

In the publication by Jerad S. Marantz has written: “Here is a concept art for Rhino in the Spectacular Spider-Man. It seems that for a time they talked about it, you have a costume problem. I’ve done this in the years before he appears in the Spectacular Spider-Man 2”.

The Spectacular Spider-Man 2 debuted in movie theaters in the year 2014. The film was directed by Mark Webb and brought in$ 709 million at the box office. The cast included Andrew Garfield as Spider-Man / Peter Parker, Emma Stone as Gwen Satcy, and Jamie Foxx as Elektro, Dane DeHaan as Harry Osborn, Paul Giamatti as Rhino, and Sally Field as aunt May.

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In the story, Peter Parker has to deal with the promise that he made to the father of Gwen Stacy to stay away from it. As you try to manage your life as a hero and to take care of his aunt May Parker, as it faces two new powerful opponents: Elektro and Harry Osborn. On IMDb, the short film has won, the note, the 6.6 / 10 on Rotten Tomatoes, had a 51% approval rating from the editors and a 64% approval from the audience.

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