Bella Thorne ‘mimics’ Geisy Arruda, and shares a video of naked in the shower


Bella Thorne (Playback/Instagram)
Bella Thorne (Playback/Instagram)

Bella Thorne he decided to dare and posted a video of fully naked under the shower. The famous ” I had already shared a photo of a similarbut, to the delight of fans, has released a video for recently.

In fact, those who used to do this in a similar light, it is Geisy Arruda. At the request of fans, the model is placed videos in bathroom, cablethefully naked and frequently get reactions as well as warm.

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After you invest in porn, Bella Thorne will be acting as a nun in the film

Turning back to Bella, openly pansexual, a famous talk that you wonder all the ways you love, so if you see it that way. Previously identified as a bisexual, but in the future, he realized that his guidance was the most comprehensive.

“Do you like the people. If you like what you like. Don’t have to be a boy, a girl, a someone is non-binary, this or that. It’s literally… like a personality. You are just like the others. It doesn’t really matter no more. If I like it, I like it”,she said.

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