Bella Thorne posts a video of a ‘marriage’ with ex-Mod and the Sun, they prayed with the congregation about the ceremony: ‘You’re a great actress yourself


Hi folks… Bella Thorne is not thought to be an trisal, it would have two ‘ex-friends’! It is a pain in the head in a double dose! We know that all the bullshit that surrounds your name end up on Twitter, right? And this time it was a bit different.

Bella tweeted on yesterday (07) at her Instagram, with a video showing scenes of her marriage with the rapper Mod Sun, along with a poem that is part of his new collection of short stories titled, “the Life of a Wannabe Mogul”. You can hear an actress reciting the words, and while the scenes are displayed. In the caption of your post, it summed up some of the feelings I wanted to convey.

“This poem is one of my favorite women. If you do not experience this, then you are not going to understand that depression is not feeling sad at times and then having to get up. Depression is something in there that stays there forever. It’s an overwhelming feeling, and no, that is on your side. In his most happy moments of your life, you can still feel that sadness, the underlying coming up, you remember to work on your state of mind. It is for this reason that I have put a depression in that video. That would be my best description of the eye’pointed out.

“I didn’t want to show me a room, all sad and lonely, because a lot of people think that you should just ‘cheer up’ or ‘go have fun’, ‘go out with friends, go to party away from home’, ‘it is no wonder that you feel alone’. Except that none of it helps. I hope that this poem helps you…. I love all of you and you are not alone”he said.

At the end of the post, Bella explained to people that the marriage had not been real. “Ps. No, I do, and the Mod will never get married for real. This was one of the birthday presents that he wanted, so me and my friends made this beautiful night together.” The sharing was not of the liking of the music that you used his Twitter account to vote, and to have indirect relation to the case.

“Seriously… don’t use the video from our wedding to promote her book. It complies with my idea of what love is… If you were pretending that day, then you are a very good actress. Stop being intentionally harmful to the people they are healing. The Mod did not mention the actress in her tweet, but did not need it, right? We can clearly notice that the message has been given to it.

News travels fast on the internet and it didn’t take long for Thorne to show his side of the story. “After we had finished, however, you carry on lying to you and it’s not going to stop. I was trying to remember how we were beautiful when you are sad. Very sad, that you have brought us here.” She has just expounded on the commentary of the former, and prodded by posting a print of a talk in which he asked his permission to post the clip to be controversial.

The exchange of messages began with the following prompt: “I still want to post the video of our wedding. It’s very cute. Or Pro in my book. / Would that be OK?”asked Twilight, who then received a positive response from the artist. He also asked her to send the video as well. On the other hand, the woman said she would, but asked that he wait to post it together. “Of course I will, I just want to be able to attend, and be happy. / / It is one of the favorite memories of my life.” he confessed to the Mod.

You think it’s over? Feels that there is much more. The Mod is still continued on with the confession, showing the exact date of the exchange of messages. Not a comfortable one, and he has already proved to be so shocked when you find out, by post, to Bella, marriage was only make-believe. “That text was from the 2nd of may, when we were still trying to get things right… Look at the one that came after it. I told you that you could, at that time, and I’m shocked that you posted it NOW. What I find disgusting is that in his statement to the public that shows up when you have been lied to before, and that descreditou of our marriage in a sentence. I have not lied a single time, and you know it,” fumed.

The young man took the hook, so to accuse Jacob of taking credit for the work of your own. “It should be a good time to mention that (after 3 months) and I don’t want to be used to promote your book… and I did the artwork for the front cover of your work, and you are said to have been for you! It’s just so disrespectful. I can’t support. Anyone else noticed this?” she said, leaving the photos in the book from the author with the notes.

The ex-Disney act, has decided to put an end to the situation, and that he was being strung along to make a note of the tone in a sarcastic and sour. “It’s so sad… You don’t remember the Mod you have done to me on the 15th day of April, the same day as the anniversary of the death of my father? I mean, come on”. Jeez, that video?

My god, you guys! What a mess the giant! Could be Nice to write not just a book, it’s like the script of a movie, a drama, founded on his love life…