Brad Pitt reveals an error with Jennifer Aniston


One of the participations in the most condition-of-Friends is Brad Pitt. The star appeared in the episode “the One with the Rumor”, the eighth of the season.

During the celebration of the 25th anniversary of the release of the classic series, Brad Pitt opened up the game on his / her participation. In the chapter, it was a very special Day of Thanksgiving.

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The character of the actress, Her, she hated Him, the character of Jennifer Aniston. He and Ross (David Schwimmer) had up to a club called the “I hate Rachel Green”.

Brad Pitt has revealed that it missed, as soon as in her first scene with Jennifer Aniston, his girlfriend at the time.

“Yes, yes, I screwed up in my first speech. In my first speech, and I messed up completely and we had to go back,” said Brad Pitt.

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Of all the seasons of Friends are available on Netflix.

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