Britney Spears vents about the web site: ‘they’re evil’


Taking life as it can be, Britney Spears seems to be quite happy with the current situation, the share of clicks with the children, her boyfriend, and his parents ‘ house while you practice your exercises, or to take advantage of a day of rest and relaxation with fun videos showing off their outfits and dancing.

However, these movies have some of the fans of the pop princess, and even generated some comments that you don’t. Unhappy with the situation, Britney spears has shared another one of recording, displaying its Christmas decorations, and took the opportunity to send a message in the caption of your post.

“Merry christmas, friends!!! I love to share [minha vida] with you…. But it’s been getting more and more difficult for me to keep this routine, because people tell us so many things-evil”, took out of it. “If you don’t like a publication, Only to save it for you and let you follow such a person. There is no reason to do it to offend, and terrify the people,” he said to the artist, who is 38 years old. In the end, She still wanted a lot of felicida at all.

“It is a happy and pleasant in this season and God bless you!!!!!”

The boyfriend of the blonde, Sam, Asghari, and we took the advice of a loved one to send a message to the people.

“It’s just as easy to practice in the cyber attack, and if you hide it behind your celularess, and to write bad reviews, but when they come to you in the real world, and suddenly they act as if they are a fan and want a photo,” he wrote, using the hashtag Hater, Please, something like, “no hate, please, please, please”.

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Jamie Lynn Spears, the younger sister of artists and most famous for having the main character on the hit show Zoey 101, has also shown support for the comments of three emoji hearts.

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