BTS offers a gift to Halsey, after the singer’s claim that he was excluded in the performances of “the Boy with Luv”


If you do not listen to “the Boy with Luv” by 2019, the partnership of the BTS to name a few Halseyyou haven’t lived that year on the right. After all, we’re talking about one of the best collaborations in Pop and K-pop. Because of the success of the song made it to america and presented with the boys ‘ on several occasions. However, in one of the episodes of the web series that shows the behind-the-scenes of the upcoming album of the Halsey, “theManic“, it will be released on the 17th of Januarythe voice of the “With Me“you said that you felt a little excluded in the performances because of the noise.

For those who don’t know each and every member of the BTS skytrain station it features a microphone that is more beautiful than I do the other. All of them are very bright and draw a lot of attention. However, in the Halsey, it was the simplest, the one that left her a little frustrated. Of course, such a claim was just a hoax, an inside joke between them. However, the young men felt that it was fair to Halsey, you also have your own custom mic, and went back to a good gloss. It is obvious that the artist was so excited with the gift, and, to our delight, this time it was recorded. See the following:

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