But a serious accident suffered by Kevin Hart) has a breakdown worrying


Kevin Hart) (Movie)

There are a few weeks in Hollywood, he suffered a blow to the serious accident suffered by the actor and stand-up comedian Kevin Hart. Fortunately, with no fatalities, He is already at home, going through a period of recovery. In the meantime, new developments in the case show a cause of concern.

According to TMZ, which was the first vehicle of communication in the spread of the accident, Hart may be able to be handled by the other two occupants of the car were tied to the hardware, and the friend of the actor, Jared Black, and Rebecca Broxterman. The reason for this would be that the Plymouth Barracuda 1970 original, it would have suffered the modifications to be purchased by Him, that it did not contain airbags or seat belts.

The customisation in question is the key to the process, and even after the application of the Hart, that is not to be included in the vehicle, and the company is responsible, he should have refused to carry out the service, especially by the power of the vehicle, a 720-horsepower. The actor may be sued for negligence, and also, according to TMZ, the police will endeavour with the court that the procedure will be prohibited by law.

With regard to the cause of the accident, during which Jared had lost control of his vehicle, leaving the road to Mulholland and the rolling up of the side of the road, this is still being investigated, however, the use of alcohol-has already been disposed of. Jared and Rachel were trapped in the wreckage, while Hart was able to escape and call for help.

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As a result, both the actor and “supernatural’s” Jared suffered a severe injury to his back, with the first one was submitted to a surgery to repair three fractures in his spine. According to his wife, Eniko Hart, the actor is doing well and recovering from the procedure. Most recently, Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson has posted on the social networks, you have the opportunity to visit the friend, in which he played straight man in “Jumanji-welcome to the Jungle”, after the big scare.

The sequence of the feature which brought about the 962,2 million, “Jumanji – the Next Stage, you must first performance scheduled to take place in April in the year 2020.

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