But Thunberg won the statue at the wax museum in Germany, see 30/01/2020


In this instance, a climate-Greta Thunberg, 17-year-old, it was recorded at the Panoptikum in Hamburg, the wax museum in Hamburg, Germany. Panoptikumé of the oldest and largest wax museum in the nation, and he has had over 120 statues of famous people.

The project has been designed by a team led by the artist Gottfried Kruger, who believes that climate change is “very important”, and is impressed with the strength of a teenage girl, which comes off mostly to the us president, Donald Trump.

The picture Actually brings out the activist with a sign reading “skolstrejk för klimatet”, which translated from Swedish means “strike of the school because of the weather”. The first time she had used the card was at the front of the Swedish parliament, in the year 2018, to alert everyone to the importance of discussing the weather.

Since then, the teen has gained international recognition for its efforts in raising awareness on the topic. She has been named Person of the Year 2019 at the latest, by the Time, the youngest man ever to receive the title in the 92-year-old in the history of the magazine.

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