But Thunberg’s nominated for the Nobel Peace prize


This is the second time that the environmental activist 17-year-old is nominated for a Nobel Peace Prize.

A young activist of the Swedish combat climate change But Thunberg and the “movement Friday, for the Future,” was given to the The award of the Nobel Peace prize by 2020, two deputies, Swedish, and told the lawmakers on Thursday.

“Greta Thunberg, it is a climate, and the main reason why it deserves the award of the Nobel Peace prize is that, in spite of its youth, does not cease to warn the leaders of the ” climate crisis”, writes Jens Holm and Håkan Svenneling, the Party of the Left in parliament, in an e-mail message that is sent to the Nobel peace prize Committee in Norway.

“On the other hand shows for the Future‘Fridays Is a Future’) is to move it around But Thunberg. No, he and Greta Thunberg, on the issue of climate change would not have gained so much of importance, and explained in the document referenced by the CAR.

But Thunberg has 17 years old, and his name was among the candidates for the Nobel Peace prize last year.

The girl in the pigtails, who was diagnosed with Asperger’s Syndrome, has become a spokesperson for young people concerned about climate change, the first in the country and very quickly, in Europe and all over the world, due to its presence in the Swedish parliament in August 2018, with a poster of a Strike at school because of the weather,” which became a slogan of the movement.

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The committee, the Norwegian Nobel prize accepts nominations prior to the deadline of the 31st of January, submitted at the request of a few of the many thousands of people, with the ability to launch an application. Among the qualified ones, then the parliamentarians and government ministers from all the countries of the ex-prize-winners, some of the professors, or current or past members of the committee.